Cyber Crime
Being victimized can be a very difficult and stressful experience. Teachers have two areas that greatly contribute to them becoming victims. The first one is when children/students turn violent against educators, physically attacking them, endangering their wellness. The second is being victimized by perpetrators …. bad guys that target law-abiding individuals daily. Rather it be that educators are victimized in the school’s parking lot, or during their leisure time, teachers are at risk of victimization.

The two personal safety training workshops available to empower teachers are:

The 3 Rs course is specifically designed for the educational environment. Educators will learn how to avoid/stop student attacks using minimum to no physical contact. This program teaches The 3 Rs techniques that provide safety for teachers while normalizing the student and their attacks. The 3 Rs method consists of:
What are The 3 Rs:
1) Readiness
2) Remove-ment - The techniques of using movement to remove oneself from danger (e.g. the triangle technique)
3) Refrain Defense - Using soft skills/non-violent self-defense

Educators will be taught the empowerment of avoidance, voice-self-defense, distractions, layered defense, movement, space, and body language in deflecting and controlling student attacks.

2. DEFENSE EMPOWERMENT: Self Defense Basics
This workshop is a must in order to defend against predatory attacks! Defense Empowerment: Self Defense Basics is available under the “Don’t Be A Victim” curriculum, teaches preventative victimization smart-techniques, and concentrates on basic self-defense education training. Self defense training details how to defend against and escape the most popular, vicious attack holds, techniques, an attacker uses to victimize, control, and dominate potential victims