self denfense and safty camp

Audience type: Children - Tailored to the specifications requested

Details: Mobile training held at client’s location of choice

Can be tailored according to -
• as an after-school child safety special offering
• during school breaks whether it be winter/spring/summer
• as a once a quarter child safety and awareness program
• this is a mini- workshop (three to ten hours duration)

This program may be broken up by hourly classes, once a week, biweekly, daily, or whatever the client determines.
This camp is an exciting program for having FUN, and for teaching children on how to practice keeping safe against offenders, bullies, etc. This camp may be scheduled any time:

1. Teach self-defense for defending against abductors, bullies, vicious dog attacks, and other threatening situations.

2. Teach martial arts kicks, punches, strikes, blocks, and footwork for executing attacks and defenses to increase their
     chances of escape

3. Use themes in teaching a value in life, and for teaching focus, concentration, and respect

4. Teaching the 5-Steps-to-Kidz-Safety. In just five steps, this process teaches applications children employ to avoid
     falling prey to offenders and victimizers. Students will role-play real life scenarios, to train them to better understand
     the application of the steps in bad situations.

5. Use the playing of games for developing skills, responsiveness, healthy bodies, and mind simulation

Children enjoy taking this camp because every child participates! There are no “bench warmers”! The focus is to have fun while learning valuable offensive and defensive skills, readiness, and alertness. Children will learn to protect themselves as well as become aware of their surroundings. They will learn to practice readiness, to avoid being abducted, and to get away from trouble-makers, attackers, and predators.