sensational seniors

Audience type: Seniors - Tailored according to the specifications requested

Details: Mobile training held at client’s location of choice

Can be tailored according to:

• one-time offering
• on-going classes
• seasonal, quarterly, etc.

Seniors have expressed that they do not want to be treated as helpless individuals; they still want their independence, and a good quality of life. Empowering seniors to protect themselves will not only contribute to a better quality of life and independence, but also provide them with peace of mind, confidence, and empowerment. 

Facilitated in a safe, calm classroom environment, this practical personal awareness and self-protection course was developed according to the age, physical abilities, and mobility of the students.  Implementing effective safety knowledge/tips and self-defense techniques tailored for seniors, the Sensational Seniors workshop consists of two modules. 

Select one or both modules to bring to your location:

Module I: Sensational Street-Smarts Workshop

Module II: Seniors Self-Defense Empowerment Workshop

MODULE I: Sensational Street-Smarts Workshop

This is a knowledge-based seminar, using interaction, games, role playing, and real-life scenarios, to teach the attendees how to prevent victimization. Available topics in this knowledge-based module are:

1. Facts or Fiction – The real reasons seniors are targeted

   • The ‘whys’ and motives of the predators
   • Providing a safe platform for seniors to discuss, evaluate, and vent on increased victimization threatening their lives

2. Scams, fraud, and theft - The types of crime targeted against seniors!
   • Outlining the various types/categories of crime
      - how seniors are victimized
      - the predators mode of operating to snare their victims
   • How violent do these crimes get?
   • The financial hardship, emotional toll, and physical violence against seniors

3. Be Street-smart and Street-wise – Seniors outsmarting the offenders
   • Steps to prevent victimization – tips to avoid scams, fraud, and theft 
   • Learning to say “NO” /  the “trust factor”
      - how to check out products /services
      - the decision making process - emotional/pressured decisions 
   • Being out in public  

4. Already Victimized - steps to take after victimization has occurred

      - who to call/report the crime to, how to be a good witness, what to do to be whole again
      - victim support groups)

MODULE II: Seniors Self-Defense Empowerment Workshop

The physical violence against seniors is the focus of this module. Taking into account the age, physical abilities, and mobility of seniors, techniques to empower seniors regarding physical attacks/violence will be taught. The goal is to provide students with knowledge that will assist them in making appropriate decisions as to which method is best regarding self-protection and their own personal safety.

Seniors will be taught the following energetic topics:

1. PRE-self-defense smarts

   • By practicing safety-sense you don’t need self-defense
   • Street-smarts Safety Tips
   • Action vs Reaction

2. Types of self protection devices/equipment for seniors

   • Defensive Sprays (e.g. pepper sprays, tear gas, animal repellents)
   • Alarms (Personal, Security Alarms, Electronic Dog Home Defense)
   • Simple/practical objects (e.g. canes, umbrellas)

3. Basic self-defense techniques

   • Second nature drills; practice makes perfect
   • Demonstration on how to practice self-defense techniques on your own time