practical self defense
Smack Down!

Audience type:

Teens, Tweens


Client On-site training

Can be tailored according to:

• on-going classes
• after school programs, school breaks
• camps and workshops
• special programs

This workshop will teach students practical, effective, “street-smart” self-defense, and survival techniques/tactics. The bottom-line focus is empowering individuals to avoid becoming victims, and instill in them the confidence to use their personal-safety training for self-protection. This workshop will teach effective techniques to employ:

1. STREET-WISE defenses against:

     • Neck chokes

     • Pulling hair

     • Griping/grabbing of wrists/clothes/shoulder, etc.

     • Bear-hugs

     • Floor/ground/on-the-back attacks

     • Headlocks

2. Enhancing awareness of one’s surroundings and

     • Defending against anyone/anything aimed to harm them, such as:

           • vicious dog attacks      • abductors      • bullies

     • Teaching how to practice readiness in mental preparation, self-confidence, and alertness in defending oneself

     • Learning the application of street-smarts safety tips for personal safety preservation

3. Effective counterattacks and comprehending when to apply them:

     • Self-defense releases the victim – Counterattacks startles the predator

     • Basic martial arts techniques employing various types of kicks to disable/defer the attacker

     • Applying effective kickboxing fists and open palm strikes to ensure a get-away

4. Voice Weaponry
    Students will be taught how to use their voice to fight back, to discourage/intimidate bullies, predators, etc.,
    and to stop the victimization quickly and ensure a safe removal of self from physical encounters.