wellness defense solutions

This mini-seminar details the various devices and tools that can be used for personal safety. These devices can possibly save your life or the life of a loved one. Knowing the functionality of various personal devices gives insight to their effectiveness, strengths, and weaknesses. In fact, these same devices are also used by predators. Knowing their functionality will better prepare you on how to protect yourself as well as how to use them.

Any/all of the following topics are available:
   • Stun Devices
   • Defensive Sprays (e.g. pepper sprays, tear gas, animal repellents)
   • Alarms (Personal, Security Alarms, Electronic Dog Home Defense )
   • Key Chain Devices
   • Vehicle Safety Devices
   • Spy & Surveillance
(More topics upon request, E.G. Child Safety Tools)
You owe it to yourself to not only protect yourself in every way possible when facing threats against your life and well-being, but also to practice safety-sense before using self-defense. This can be accomplished by using the appropriate personal safety defensive device.

Wellness Defense Solutions is more of a “learning about personal safety devices 101” type course. This knowledge-based course provides individuals with the ability to make the right decision concerning the type of safety device best suited for their needs. Although this is not a certification course for teaching hands-on usage training, students will be able to see and touch many of the devices. Details on the various personal safety devices (sound alarms, stun devices, defensive sprays, key chain devices. etc.) will be taught regarding their:
   • effects
   • usability
   • effectiveness - both positive and negative
   • general costs and where they can be purchased (the states prohibiting sales of some devices)

By educating students on how predators use these same devices to victimized and commit crime, will better prepare students.