Throughout our lives we all face conflict. It just has a way of creeping into our lives. Can conflicts actually be managed? Do solutions lie inside us by changing the way we react, or the things we say or do? Egos, escalation of emotions, or unresolved issues may come into play when conflicts and confrontational conditions arise.

Our training helps you gain empowerment with confrontational and conflict resolution. At the conclusion of this training course, students should be able to:
• Define confrontation versus conflict
• Identify the various conflict styles and response styles
• Develop an understanding of causes and conditions leading to conflict – why conflicts arise
• Recognize the influences/signs/effects conflict has on our lives
• Apply resolution steps/techniques for handling/managing confrontations/conflicts and their effects


Did you know that confrontations and conflicts do not have to be negative? Applying training techniques by using the right approach along with the right attitude/mindset provides the following benefits:
1) Negative situations can be turned into a positive team building experience
2) Potentially threatening or escalating situations can be successfully defused
3) Knowledge obtained through training will assist in identifying your preferred conflict resolution style